Jessi Francis Hair and Wellness


Well versed in the world of beauty, Jessi specializes in both men and women’s haircut and colors with 14 years of extensive experience including training at the prestigious Vidal Sassoon in New York City. Each cut and color is effortlessly designed and tailored to the individual, maximizing their own unique beauty and compliments their facial structure and complexion.


Jessi decided to take on a healthy lifestyle, which inspired a lifestyle of high vibrations unlimited potential, and has thrived. Driven and inspired to help others achieve their health, wellness and beauty goals, Jessi Francis Hair and Wellness was created to help them on their journey.


Jessi Francis has created a tranquil atmosphere that invokes relaxation and serenity into the lives of many with her new fusion of beauty and wellness into a one-stop shop beauty salon and spa geared to over-all wellness. Promising an uplifting experience with each visit, she’s the first to implement good health and inspire beauty at Jessi Francis Hair & Wellness.